“Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life.”
— Acts 5:20 (NKJV)

Our heart is to create a Church which really honours the values of the early church; biblical based teachings full of truth and grace, the fostering of real, close friendships with one another where getting together throughout the week is the norm rather than prescribed, where, above all, Christ takes centre stage and everyone is welcomed into a loving environment.

Our heart, also, is to embrace technology and use it as tool and enabler to expand our reach, connect people and inform, educate and advise. The Apostle Paul communicated with letters, today, we communicate with emails, blogs and podcasts, and tomorrow? As a Church we value technology for what it is and leverage it to the benefit of expanding the Kingdom. 


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All of our Church updates and blogs can be found on Apple News, an app available on all iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad) as well as Mac desktops and MacBooks. This enables the Good News of Jesus Christ to be shared on a global platform used by more than 90 million users, and growing.

Simply go to Apple News and search for the Passion Church channel.


Launching in January 2020, Passion eGroups are a fantastic and accessible way for our Church family to connect, share and learn when they might be otherwise unable to, for example those in differing geographic locations or may be homebound. We strongly believe everyone in the body of Christ should have the opportunity to fellowship, receive prayer and encouragement and be welcomed into the Church family.


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Fellowship, discipleship, encouragement. Worldwide.

Apple Music & Spotify

Worship is so important in taking our focus off ourselves and the world around us and onto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, our saviour and comforter, our all-in-all. We love contemporary worship music and the impact it has not only on our own spiritual lives, but on the impact it can have in reaching those who are new to Christianity. Our Music section showcases some of the songs and artists we’re really drawn to; some for corporate worship and others for personal listening. Our Talks section pushes every message to Apple Podcasts and Spotify, making all our talks available on-the-go.


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With links to YouTube and Apple Music it’s never been easier to discover the latest contemporary Christian music and artists, buy online and listen on the go.


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We’ve big plans for Passion Church including apps for iOS and Android devices, Amazon Alexa Skills, Slack and more. If you’d like to volunteer your time in the development of these please fill in the form below

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